Flush Mount Albums

Your wedding album will outlast your wedding gifts, your new sofa and your first minivan. It is one purchase that should last as long as you do! Invest in a good one.

Why you need a wedding album

Watch this video to get familiar with our different album styles

These fine art display albums will become family heirlooms. They are handmade in Italy with amazing quality and several style options.

What is a leaf and how many do you need?

One leaf is the same as a spread and includes two sides. So, for example, 30 leaves = 60 sides. How many leaves your album has will determine how thick it will be and how many photos it can hold. Prices include the layout and design.

40 Leaves

The most comprehesive album size to display all your wedding photos. Make sure you don’t miss any of the important details from your wedding.

30 Leaves

A great all-around album size. Provides a great balance between page count and number of photos included.

20 Leaves

Perfect for a highlight overview of your wedding. Show off only the best photos for a streamlined display of your wedding day.

Album Styles

The Venice Album

16×12 album with top of the line Italian leather cover, optional cutout image. Smooth feeling satin pages with horizontal album presentation. 5-6 photos per leaf.

40 Leaves (200-240 photos) – $3590
30 Leaves (150-180 photos) – $3190
20 Leaves (100-120 photos) – $2690

The Paris Album

Our most popular album. 12×16 album with an acrylic print cover. Striking glossy metallic print pages will draw you in and make you feel as if you’re there! Vertical album presentation. 5-6 photos per leaf.

40 Leaves (200-240 photos) – $3490
30 Leaves (150-180 photos) – $2990
20 Leaves (100-120 photos) – $2490

The Rome Album

A square 9.5×9.5 album with contemporary metal print on front cover. We suggest metallic pages with matte finish. 3-4 photos per leaf.

40 Leaves (120-160 photos) – $2590
30 Leaves  (90-120 photos) – $2290
20 Leaves (60-80 photos) – $1890

The London Album

12×8 album in clean modern designed box with cover in your choice of color. 3-4 photos per leaf.

40 Leaves (120-160 photos)  – $1790
30 Leaves (90-120 photos) – $1590
20 Leaves (60-80 photos) – $1290

Paper Options

Metallic Paper - Glossy

Standard Photo Paper - Glossy

Metallic Paper - Satin

Standard Photo Paper - Satin

Binding Options


Italian half grain bovine leather featuring a durable matte finish offered in a large selection of color tones that age beautifully. This material is the perfect choice for all those applications that require versatility and natural quality.

Nappa Leather

Extremely soft, full grain leather, developed for the fashion industry. Beautifully soft to the touch yet very durable.
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