Family Photos on the River – Edwin & Melanie

Fall Family Photos in Brinkhaven, Ohio

This family was as relaxed and laidback as can be for their session, and we shared many giggles and jokes with these ornery kiddos! We’ve shot family photos all over central Ohio but this bridge in Knox County was a a first for us! I love how this session came together. The brown and rust tones of the bridge combined with the trees just beginning to change color made a picture of their own. The cute family was just the cream on top! 

Priceless, Personal Works of Art

When we’re working with a family client, the very first thing we do is figure out what stage of life they’re in, and what the best way of printing and displaying their photos is. These clients have a beautiful new home with lots of empty wall space needing some family portraits to bring it alive! We helped them choose an outfit color scheme that would fit well into their home, and suggested ways they can continue to display their family’s photos over the years. 

Our goal is to

  • family photo experience fun,
  • create perfect moments,
  • and give them some beautiful personal pieces of art that look like they were made for the space. 

Here’s the custom suggestions we created for them.

This last photo is what they chose- a canvas trio. 

Big and Bold is our favorite way to display family photos, because it brings so much warmth and personality to your walls! Most of the time our families will also add an album to be sure they have all their favorite images printed. 


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