We create and photograph perfect moments

Kris and Samaria will guide you through the maze of outfit coordination, antsy kids and display choices. You will have a fun experience and beautiful portraits that will have your family excited for the next session!

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Kind Words

from our clients

“Kris & Samaria preserved every memory of our wedding day and made it look like a fairytale.” Sadie

“Kris & Samaria did such an amazing job with our family pictures. It was such a personal experience and their creativity makes each of their photos just beautiful… I would recommend them to anyone for any occasion. Thank you!”

“They were absolutely wonderful to work with and our wedding pictures are a dream!” Mae

“My experience was immaculate! Kris and Samaria made sure they knew my style and personality and during the shoot made me feel so comfortable! I would recommend them to anyone.”
Mariah – High School Senior

The best! Took our engagement and wedding photos and were top notch all the way around. Easy to work with and will go the extra mile for you. Would give 6 stars if I could….”

Beautiful work! I would definitely recommend this couple. Very kind, creative, and flexible.”

What is Portrait Design?

It’s easy to take a picture or print one, and just about anyone can hang a photo! But as portrait designers, we will decide what kind of portrait would look best in YOUR home, in YOUR stage of life, create real moments that artfully tell your story, and deliver priceless, personal works of art that will be passed down for generations.

We Believe in Home

What makes a house a home? Home is where you belong, where your kids are nurtured and protected, and where friends are comfortable. Home is about how a place makes you feel! Family photos, displayed in every room, have an important role in making it feel warm and welcoming!

What Will Your Experience Be Like?

Begin With The End In Mind

We could simply chase you around the park and hope we get a shot that you’ll like well enough to put on your wall. But, if we take the time to find out where you would most enjoy your photos every day, we can create something that fits perfectly into your home & lifestyle. It will look like it was made for your home… Because it was!

We will meet with you either at our studio or in your home to talk about outfits, give you suggestions tailored to you, and go over our product options. A consultation is free for new clients, and return family portrait session clients.
Photo sessions are available weekdays, or Tuesday & Thursday evenings. A few weekend sessions a year are available for an additional fee.

We shoot your family! Photographically speaking of course. 😉 Come prepared to have a good time. We love to interact with you and make it so that even dad has a good time.

You get a baby-sitter and all the decision-makers come in to our studio for a fun time of viewing your photos and our suggestions to you. We will show your photos at actual size and even displayed on your own wall through our sweet software. We will help you choose all your artwork and this is when you will place your order.
We include free delivery and installation for any wall art grouping with 3 or more pieces. Sit back and watch Kris hang your portrait art with pinpoint precision. (He’s a little bit of a perfectionist)
How often should you be photographed? How should 20 years of accumulated family photos be displayed or kept? Just like an art collector will add to a collection and it keeps getting better, we will work together to tell your story as it changes and grows. Just like we shoot each session with intention, we have a master plan for future sessions. What a relief to know that you have a doable plan and that we are here to help you see it through!
Why Choosing The Right Photographer Matters
Here’s the simple truth. Those perfect candid moments don’t just magically happen in front of your photographer’s lens, with perfect light streaming down from heaven! An experienced photographer knows how to create them. He will know how to place you in just the right position to make you look your very best. Then put your loved ones around you in a pose that portrays the family dynamic, in a specifically chosen setting and angle, while creating the lighting to perfectly touch off the sweet expressions produced by saying just the right thing.
Why Printing Your Photos Matters
The images we make for you today, we make not only for you, but for your children and grandchildren. You already know your family needs to be photographed. But they also need to be preserved for future generations. Digital files are fragile and disposable. Your memories deserve to exist for more than 10 seconds on your feed or in a hidden file on your computer. How will you view your photos in 20, 30, 50 years? Physical prints and albums are the best way to ensure your grandchildren will be able to enjoy your photos. No technology required!
Why Displaying Your Photos Matters
Studies have shown that displaying family photos in the home helps to instill value, belonging, and self confidence in children. It adds that personalized touch and brings life to your home. It celebrates and communicates what is really important, family and relationships. What better way to decorate your home than with personal, priceless works of art?

Over 3,000,000,000 photos

Are taken digitally each day worldwide

Over 68% of people

No longer have photo albums

Print what is important

We want to make sure YOU are not part of that statistic.
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How do you know if we are a good fit?

We are a good match for you if...

• You believe in creating a home

•You’re an intentional kind of person

• You’d rather not DIY your family portraits

• You invest in things that will last

• You like to work with friends

• You believe that “fashion passes, style remains” –Coco Chanel

You may be better off with another photographer if...

• You just want the files so you can Do It Yourself

• You’re more interested in putting your photos on mugs and scrapbooks then on your walls

• You value the things you experience outside of home more than what you experience within

• Your style is whatever happens to be trending

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Samaria guides you through planning and executing your ideal family portrait experience


Kris makes sure everything looks magical by sculpting the light to highlight your best features

About Kris & Samaria

We are Central Ohio based wedding and portrait photographers.
We have been photographing together since 2005.
We believe life is precious.
It is a gift: priceless, invaluable, and short.
Not to be taken lightly, we also believe life should be intentional and done well.
We are passionate about photography because it is a way of celebrating life!
Our intention is to find the essence of you, a story yet untold- and with our vision, portray it accurately and beautifully through a timeless photograph preserved through many years by the art of printing.
If we do it, it will be done well. As artists, we take pride in perfecting every detail of your images – planning, prompting, capturing, editing, guiding, retouching, printing. Our role in telling your story is completed with the delivery of physical art pieces- albums, wall portraits, and printed products. Because the images we make for you today, we make not only for you, but for your children and grandchildren.
Over the years we have developed a signature style that is a classic-contemporary blend. We’ve been around long enough to see a myriad of photography styles come and go, but we want you to always see your images as fresh, authentic, and timeless.
We are committed to learning-growing-pushing our boundaries and increasing our skills as award winning photographers and business owners.
The reason we do what we do: three sweet round faces with three different eye colors and three different personalities, all two years apart in age. It’s the kisses, tickles, silly songs, chubby toes and bedtime stories stage of life for us and we couldn’t love it more.
“Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy, to the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen.” Jude 24-25
To God be the Glory.

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