Elegant Family Session – Relaxed Spring Portraits in the Garden

Classic & Elegant Family Session

A garden setting made a gorgeous backdrop for this little family. Little girls in white dresses- a pretty summer evening- soft green grass- reflections in the water- perfect moments happening left and right- so much love! Kids this age are so much fun and they totally keep us on our toes! We usually finish up these sessions feeling like we’ve had a workout!

This mama did a great job choosing their outfits. The white, blue and tan colors are serene and classic, and their clothing choices are timeless. These images will still look fresh many years from now, and their artwork will look beautiful on their walls. 

Our very favorite part of photographing families, is actually after the session! We select the very best moments from the images we shot, edit, and dream up the most gorgeous ways possible to display them! We create artwork suggestions that are custom tailored for each client. Some of the thoughts that influence our suggestions to each family are,

  •  the family’s stage of life
  • how much wall space they have 
  • what would look good with their decorating style
  • If we are adding to a previous session’s portraits, or will be down the road

Then we have the family come to the studio where we show them their images on our 100 inch screen and what we’ve designed for their walls. We have coffee and finalize the details of their artwork. If they’ve pre-ordered an album, we have it printed & ready for them to take home that night! It’s honestly so much fun and so fulfilling! 



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